Summer of Science

Field Trip Monday#1

Gentle Stream

Field site location: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Description: Kelly McIntyre samples for macroinvertebrates in the headwater streams altered by a history of acid deposition.

Image by Vishal Banik

Field site location:

Cuatro Cinegas, Coahuila, Mexico

Description: Valeria Souza contributes a video describing the streams and springs in the northern region of Mexico.


Field site location:

Enobieta Reservoir (43º 12’ N, 1º 48’ W), Artikutza Valley, Navarre, northern Spain

Description: Photo time series of a large, decommissioned dam contributed by Arturo Elosegi.

Image by Muzammil Soorma

Field Site Location: Chicago River 

Description: Tim Hoellein and Lauren Wisbrock will describe their research on anthropogenic litter (i.e., trash) in urban streams of the Chicago region: including measurements of sources, fate, biological interactions, and bioassessment.

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