Summer of Science

Fun Run

Thank you for signing up for the SFS Virtual Fun Run 2020!! It’s great to have you and we can’t wait to run with you this year.  We would love to have you and your very best quarantine buddies (family, kids, pets…), so get your running shoes on and get out there!  Here are details on how to do the run: 

Participating in the “SFS Virtual Fun Run”  

  1. Install the “Strava” App on your phone (it’s free!)

  2. Click: “Explore” > “Clubs” and search for the “SFS Fun Run” club

  3. Request to Join: Send us a request to join the “SFS Fun Run” Club – we will approve you to join.  Then you’re ready!  

  4. Complete your run June 15-July 3 and track/post it on Strava: You should plan to complete your 5K run between June 15-July 3. There will be a recurring weekly Strava “event” reminding you to run

  5.  *IMPORTANT: Title your run “SFS Virtual Run 2020”* so we can find it (we will be able to see all your runs once you join the Strava SFS Fun Run club, so we need to be able to find this one!).

  6. Make it known! We want to see you! Post pictures on Strava and post on Twitter using hashtag #SFSVirtualRun. 

  7. Who wins? Everyone!  But, we will report leaders weekly, and at the end will name the top three overall. And, your own special SFS hat will arrive in the mail!

  8. After the event: After you join the Strava club, ALL OF YOUR ACTIVITIES will appear in the club feed. You should leave the club after July 3rd so that your activities no longer appear in the feed if you don’t want them to (either way, they will only be seen by other SFS members who have signed up).


Note: If you can’t use Strava for some reason, feel free to use your run tracking app of choice and be sure to post on Twitter (#SFSVirtualRun) so we can find you! 


A donation of $30 or more gets you a SFS hat!

If you are experiencing any technical problems email us at: help@gopearsontechnology.com

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