Join us for four weeks of events!

Future Events

Week 2

June 16

9am - 12pm EST

Workshop: “Amphibians and Reptiles of Midwestern and Eastern Rivers and Streams”

In this workshop, we will discuss species often associated with flowing freshwater ecosystems including taxonomic identification and natural history.

Instructors: Nicholas Smeenk, Teal Richards-Dimitrie

June 16
1pm - 5pm

Workshop: “Getting Published: A Writing Workshop for Aquatic Scientists”

In this workshop, I will cover how to select the most appropriate journal for your paper and ways to improve the likelihood that your manuscript will be accepted.

Instructor: Charles P. Hawkins, Editor-in-Chief, Freshwater Science, and Professor, Utah State University

June 18


Science Thursday Plenary: “A Conversation on Equity and Inclusion in Freshwater Conservation and Management in Cities”

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